Uphold the law with the hottest police wheels.
Smash Cops is an intense action racing game pitting players' driving skills against felons desperate to outrun them in wild, wild chases.

They get to smash the bad guys off the road in a stunning 3D city. And the whole pursuit is viewed from dramatic, TV style aerial coverage.

Hop between cars, tanks and boats

"We wanted players to feel like the cops in America's wildest TV Chases" Shaun Rutland, CEO
New innovative ‘push’ controls.
Players can go on over 30 missions and choose from 9 high-speed pursuit vehicles. They also get to collect stars for a police badge to access new parts of the city and new, even more powerful vehicles.

Best of all they get to use our innovative new 'push' controls. Just a single finger drives, drifts and skids their car in a way that's easy to learn but challenging to master.

Innovative new ‘push’ controls

  • Cruiser
  • Interceptor
  • Enforcer

3 of the 9 high-speed pursuit vehicles

"It's about an intensity - what you actually see on screen" Shaun Rutland, CEO

Player ratings & reviews

Love it there’s loads of levels and
physical crashes, and graphics rule!”
by Felixtheawesome
“Awesome fun.
Great graphics, great game, great fun.”
by MG Fire hunk!
“Luv it
Brilliant game. Can’t stop playing it.”
by Saj321
What a fantastic game. Really playable and beautifully made.”
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